“Post-Covid Stroke Prevention” Campaign has ended

$900,000 reward


Stroke has been the leading cause of death in most countries across the world. Lifetime risks of Stroke in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea…) is 38.8%, meaning 1 in 3 people are exposed to this risk. The incidence of stroke was three to six times higher after getting infected by COVID.

By joining our campaign, not only are you spreading awareness about "Post-COVID Stroke Prevention," but you will also receive many valuable rewards that will assist you with the prevention of post-COVID stroke.


20,000 vouchers: When you register for a GenomicDAO account, you will immediately receive a voucher valued at $45 that can be applied to G-Stroke Service Pack on Genetica - Gene decoding service for skrining stroke heriditer.
500,000 PCSP token worth $25,000 will be shared for all participants according to the number of owning points.
161,500 PCSP Bonus token worth $8075 for Top participants.
Commission Invite friends to join GenomicDAO, you will earn at least $20 for every successful purchase of the G-stroke service pack from your referral link. Payment method: PCSP token or Fiat.


Top participants will get many great value rewards

Top 1

20000 PCSP up to $1000

Top 2

10000 PCSP up to $500

Top 3

7500 PCSP up to $375

Top 4-10

5000 PCSP up to $250

Top 11-100

1000 PCSP up to $50
By joining this program, you accept these following terms:
  • Rewards will be unlocked in stages. The first stage is to unlock 20% of your total reward, then unlock it daily. You can boost unlock speed by contributing more to the project (invite friend, like, share our post,...).
  • PCSP tokens could be swapped into USDT before Public Sale. (Rate: 1 PCSP = 0.05 USDT). You can withdraw PCSP Tokens after public sale.
  • Your PCSP = (Your points/ Total Points)*500,000 For example: Your points = 1000; Total Points = 200,000 The number of PCSP tokens you get after the end of the campaign = 1,000/200,000*500,000 = 2500 PCSP
  • Eligible friends are those who register for a GenomicDAO account by using your invite link and join at least 2 GenomicDAO social media channels.
  • To ensure fairness, your points will be reviewed one more time after the end of the campaign. If there is any cheating, we reserve the right to change the number of your points.
  • The GenomicDAO team reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the campaign if necessary.
  • The usage of several accounts, any cheating, spamming,... will disqualify you from any part of this campaign.
  • In the event of arising dispute, the GenomicDAO team reserves the right for the final decision.


Complete challenges, earn points and rank up higher