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GenomicDAO G-Stroke

GenomicDAO G-Stroke is the first subsidiary DAO under the GenomicDAO ecosystem aimed at creating awareness and initiating R&D for stroke prevention.

Stroke rate in Asia

116 - 483/100.000

per year
Age group at risk

Any age

Rates of Stroke under
age 45 are on the rise
Heritability of Stroke


Post-Covid effect on Stroke

3-6 times

higher risk

Powered by AI, GenomicDAO pioneers in
developing stroke prevention for Asians

PCSP Token is the ulitity & governance token of GenomicDAO Stroke....
DAO Product: G-Stroke
Genetic testing product G-Stroke represents the first phase of the GenomicDAO Stroke.

We benefit from a strong network of partners

GenomicDAO is a decentralized science platform built by Genetica, a leading player in personal genomics recognized worldwide by our partners.

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