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GENETICA US, a US biotech company, has played a leading role in the genetic testing industry by utilizing propriety technologies in AI and molecular biotechnology. The company's scientists come from some of the world's most prestigious universities, including the University of California San Francisco, Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell. With headquarters in San Francisco, GENETICA US has established itself in the Southeast Asian market by cultivating precision medicine and personalized preventative care.

GENETICA US provides low-cost genetic testing solutions to the wider population, decoding hundreds of genes and almost a million variants to provide bespoke reports for optimal plans for fitness and diet, child development, and critical illness prevention. The company's core technology is built across three key pillars – gene decoding chips, AI, and blockchain – recognized by leading organizations such as Thermo Fisher, a world-leading gene testing provider.

Despite its innovative nature, the company has encountered one major challenge.

Lack of Understanding in Genetic Testing

Although genetic testing is becoming more widely known, many people do not understand how it works. This can result in harm and therefore it is important for GENETICA US to educate people about the industry. One reason for the lack of understanding is that each laboratory has different standards, which can affect the accuracy of results. Therefore, customers who have had domestic test reports may be asked to re-test when sent to the US or other countries to meet international standards.

GENETICA US meets these standards, complying with international regulations such as CLIA and HIPPA. In October 2021, GENETICA US collaborated with the Vietnam National Innovation Centre to develop the largest genome sequencing center in Southeast Asia, which will meet international standards and ensure accurate test results, diagnostics, and high personal security levels.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, GENETICA US developed a tool called G-Immunity, which aims to provide information about the risk of viral infections through each patient's genetic parameters. The company's research team used artificial intelligence and machine learning to find an effective method to combat the virus.

The new genome sequencing center will meet the increasing demand for genetic testing across Vietnam, saving time and reducing costs by up to 30% compared to sending samples for analysis in a laboratory in the US. The laboratory will also collaborate with leading hospitals such as Harvard Medical University, Hue Central Hospital, and Vietnam National Hospital for Tropical Diseases to cultivate new discoveries about genetic diseases and contribute to the development of gene therapy treatments.